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What should I wear for my first yoga class?

Light weight, breathable clothing, athletic apparel that you have already.  For women: leggings and tank tops. For men: light workout pants or shorts, tank top, t-shirt.

What do I bring with me to class?

Bring your yoga mat, if you don’t have one, you may borrow one from the studio or great quality mats are available for purchase.  Bring your water bottle & perhaps a hand towel (if you think you may use it).

Can I attend a class if I am a few minutes late?

Of course, even a short yoga practice is better than no yoga practice!  However, we advise everyone if possible showing up a few minutes earlier for a comfortable transition allowing your mind and body to settle in and relax.

Can I attend class after dinner?

Practicing yoga on a full stomach is not recommended.  In fact, depending on the style and level of the class, refraining from eating within two hours would be ideal.  You may eat a small snack, but not a full meal.

Everyone I talk to from my friends to my doctor, to the recent news I hear yoga is what everyone should practice. Why is that? What makes yoga different?

Yoga asanas or postures offers holistic benefits to a practitioner: for his/her whole body and mind: on a physical level; it strengthens all the muscles and joints.  Yoga affects the body at a much deeper level, improving the health of the internal body /organs.
Many postures in yoga such as twists that move, stretch, rotate, as well as breath- work improve the body systems:  digestive, endocrine, nervous, reproductive and lymphatic organs.  Many exercises will strengthen the musculoskeletal system, however with a regular yoga practice one can experience the balance among all the bodily systems where the mind and the body feels restored and one can maintain a full physical health, inner peace and emotional/mental clarity.

How many classes do I have to take to feel or see the difference?

The answer is not fixed or guaranteed, just like there are no two individuals alike, even if they were identical twins, because of the different lifestyle, eating regimen, work level, physical activity or inactivity, emotional state, all these variables will affect the results.
Nonetheless, one should feel some type of positive experience or difference in their body and/or mind even after one single yoga session.

Are all yoga classes the same?

Absolutely not!  There are many types and lineages of yoga, various levels of difficulty, some are mostly focused on the physical aspect of yoga, some are very spiritual.
There are yoga styles that are very dance like, while others more rigid and structured; some classes are indoors, outdoors, using props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, balls, weights, etc), or only using their own body without a yoga mat or anything else.

Is yoga a religion?

I believe the answer varies based on which type of yoga one is teaching or learning.  Personally, I look at yoga as a personal journey of knowing one’s true self (on all levels).  A yogi is a man who has been journey or has mastered it at some levels; a yogini is a woman who has learned many aspects of yoga as well.  I also think one can be narrow minded and can associate yoga with some type of “ism” just because we often like to label things or easier or more direct identification.  What I mean by this is, you will hear it, it’s a little like Hinduism, or some other Indian religion.   The truth is it’s a proven method of positive development at all levels: physical, mental, cognitive, and psychological.

Is yoga taught in English?

The majority of classes in the United States gym facilities or wellness centers are in taught in English, however, some teachers will use Sanskrit, which yoga was originally practiced back more than 5, 000 years, in the Indus Valley.  Some teachers do not know the terms in Sanskrit at all.  The practice ranges from a wide array of ethical and moral guidelines, which traditionally embodies eight “limbs” or branches, that entail mastering over owns mind, body emotional self.  Some practices will encompass all the yoga limbs others are mostly focused on the physical aspect “asana.”

How long will it take for me to learn yoga and how long until I see or feel a difference?

Yoga is a steady and regular practice not only a series of lessons.   There is always room for learning about one self.  In fact, the transition/change or the metamorphosis that one may experience can often be gradual, others may not even be clearly aware of the change that has already occurred, while for some may be more drastic visible changes in their physical appearance, lifestyle and behavior.

I tried yoga and it wasn't for me, why should I bother again?

Yoga is a very personal experience/journey.  Liking the personality and attitude of your yoga teacher, connecting with him or her, enjoying the time, learning from the teacher/s who are teaching yoga are perhaps the key factors when choosing your yoga teacher, as well as, their experience, skills, and credentials are essential.  Think about the number of times you have changed your primary care doctor, or your hair stylist, your dentist, your gym or your spa and so forth, even more so it’s very important to try various teachers and styles of yoga before settling.

Should I try a walk-in or drop-in class, a group class, or a private session? What is right for me?

All of the above. If you have never tried any type of yoga, you consider yourself a complete beginner, or you have specific needs (physical or emotional), or simply would like a yoga practice specifically designed for your own abilities (athletic, pre or post natal, advanced, ADD/ADHD, therapeutic), or that focuses on a specific part of your body due to an injury and such, then private (one on one) instruction is strongly recommended.

Group classes allows you can connect with like-minded people; moreover, a yoga class should be a group of non- competitive, supportive individuals who practice yoga together, yet individually, while focusing on their personal goals, and meeting their own intentions.

Walk-ins/drop-ins are recommended for individuals who are not sure if they want to purchase a series of classes or class package, also if you are visiting the area, and don’t plan on attending multiple sessions.

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