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Dreaming Dancer Pose

Dreaming Dancer Pose–Natarajasana is a standing balancing and back bending pose that challenges and strengthens.  It requires steadiness and focus as well as it increase both with practice.

Side Crow Pose

Side Crow Pose/Ardha Bakasana-it’s an arm balancing pose that strengthens the arms and shoulders; engages & improves core muscles including the obliques; tests your balance & focus; improves confidence; helps to increase hand strength as well as wrist articulation.  Repeat pose on both sides, hold the pose for a few breaths; as you strengthen the

Bound Extended Side Angle Pose

Bound Extended Side Angle Pose/Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana (a variation of a Side Angle /Utthita Parsvakonasan) –it is a great opening & lengthening pose for chest, legs, groin…Breathe deeply as you focus on keeping your gaze upward (sky or ceiling); repeat pose on both sides. One can modify: simply resting the bottom hand onto a block

Saluting the Sun

Saluting the sun (before race yoga to stretch the body and calm the mind) at the 23rd Annual Sprint for Monroe 2015! What an an amazing outcome at our community event; most importantly Bliss Yoga team was the largest team at the race.  Thank you all for your commitment to wellness!

Reverse Child’s Pose

Reverse Childs Pose – a very enjoyable back bend and a intense hip opener that can be practiced on your own, with your child or with your spouse.  Breathe several inhalations and exhalations while enjoying the release in the tense areas such as your quads, calves, while opening the heart/chest area.  It can be practiced

Eagle Pose/ Garudasana

Eagle Pose/ Garudasana – if you have tight and tense shoulders this pose is for you!  It will release the tension from your upper back and it will leave your body and mind feeling calm and balanced.  Repeat the pose on both sides (for both arms and legs, work on double hooking arms and legs

Camel Pose

Camel Pose or Ustrasana- a deep back bend.  It can be modified by bringing your hands to the low back or reaching only with one hand to one foot then repeating on the second side.  It is not for those with high or low blood pressure, migraine, insomnia or serious low back or neck injuries.

Low Variation of Chair Pose

This is a very low variation of Chair Pose, also known as Pistol Pose.  Its an intense hip opener, a balancing pose that facilitates inner calm & increases focus.  Hold pose for several breaths or as long as balance is available to you  on each leg/foot; repeat on the other side.  Start the pose in

Advanced Variation of Boat Pose

This is an advanced variation of Boat Pose (in Sanskrit Navasana); any variation of this pose, from the beginner to advanced variations, all provide a very effective strengthening exercise for the abdominal muscles.  In fact, in my opinion, this is one of the most effective poses for abdominal strengthening.  Practice regularly: start on your sit

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